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    DicomVCL a collection of delphi VCL compoments designed to assist the development of DICOM conformant applications for medical imaging. It is Native Delphi Code, No DLL Needed. A fully functional trial version is available for immediate download. 
    DicomVCL is the dicom application development framework for Delphi and C++ Builder.It suport Delphi 5/6/7/2005/2006/2007 and C++Builder.
    WebPACS SDK is make up of a WebPacsViewer ActiveX control and a WebPACS server. It can help you build your Web PACS easily.

What's New
New Enhancements & Feature Updates to DicomVCL
Volume Rendering
WebPacs SDK
Software Download


  1. Add Suport XE/XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5
  2. New Compoment: TDicomStudyView (base OpenGL)
  3.  New demo: StudyView
  New Demo for DX of DicomVCL

(2012-09-01) dx Demo source and execute file (download)

  1. New components TDxDicomView.  It is base of DirectX technology.  speedup for large image display and process.
  2. fix bugs
  3. new pack uploaded for register user.
  1. Add support DICOM RT objects (RT Image, RT Structure Set, RT Dose, RT Plan, RT Record)
  1. Optimized windows width/level speed for large image
  2. New DicomVCL uploaded.
  3. Add suport  Delphi XE

add Multiscale Contrast Enhancement for CR,DR Image


  1.  Update DicomVCL
  2. DicomVCL STD (single developer license)  price now $1299
  1. Update Dicomvcl
  2. Update WebPacs Online 
  • add suport Delphi 2010
  1. fix bug for Delphi 2009 (print )
  2. fix burn cd
  3. optimized speed of receive large image
  1. Update WebPacs 
  2. Update  DicomVCL for Delphi2009
  1. add  3d  rendering for ultrasound cine (demo 3ddemo) and fix 3d bug
  2. new component  :  TDicomViewGL  (demo   GLView)
  3. update Source Code of Web Dicom Image Viewer ActiveX ( for Site License )
  1. fix mpr
  2. add new property DisplayRuler for viewer compoments
  1. fix a memory leak
  2. fix a bug in mpr
  1. Add suport Delphi 2009
  1. New software  WebPacs 

   3 license types  for WebPacs

  1. standard user  license (one pacsserver active key, without source), 
  2. OEM  license (unlimit  pacsserver active key,  without source), 
  3. ENT  license (with source)

EMail: dicom3@163.com

for help you install or use, please install logmein.com and call my MSN (dicom20003@hotmail.com)

  1. fix bugs
  1. new version uploaded, optimized  TDicomView
  2. Add suport for C++ Builder 2007 (update 3)
  1. Optimize DicomVCL for 16bit image.(new version uploaded)
  2. Add DICOM3D demo download (surface rendering , volume rendering and 3D MIP).
  3. Add VideoConference demo and 3Ddemo to dicomvcl
  4. Add 4 new components : conference server and client, 3DView (dicom3d sdk) . DicomVCL can now do volume rendering and surface rendering and 3d MIP.

  1. value text of measure tools can be freely move (CnsDMTable1.LabelPosition := dlmFreeMove;)
  2. add an event for add popup menu of measure tools
  3. Support for Segmented 16-bits Palettes (ALOKA Ultrasounds, for example) 
  4. Add ImageAngle for viewer. you can rotate a image in any degree
  5. Add cluster resource dll SDK. you can make your pacs server as clusterware application easily with this


dicomvcl@gmail.com / dicom20003@hotmail.com / dicom3@163.com

    ( MSN )dicom20003@hotmail.com / ( Skype ) a13308 / ( Yahoo ) cn13308 / ( QQ ) 13308
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